A committed insurer that works closely with partners

We firmly believe that the best way we can help our distribution partners is to find the most relevant solutions to their customers’ needs. By combining our expertise, we can together create tailored offers in savings and protection. We operate in 33 countries and we work with partners from a wide variety of sectors. We are committed to making insurance accessible to as many people as possible.


Thanks to our unique partnership model, we advise and support our distribution partners, drawing on our detailed knowledge of their industries and markets and our widely recognized know-how in the areas of actuarial analysis, data management and customer experience.


500 distribution partners
200,000 points of sales around the world
No.1 in bancassurance with the largest number of banking partners



A strategic partner to create long-term value


We have created close and long-term partnerships with 500 prominent leaders in a host of industries :




We work with 9 of the 10 leading car manufacturers (as at end 2018) and with 43 of the world’s leading 100 banks.



The world is going digital, and so are we!


Digital technology has enabled us to create simple, straightforward journeys for our customers that are seamlessly integrated in our partners' business. The process of subscribing credit insurance is a perfect example. 


  • More than 80% of customers receive immediate approval for credit insurance online


Transforming data into customer value


Exploiting data allows us to optimise the customer journey, and to improve our offers and create new ones. We can also shorten our response time and reduce costs for our insurance customers. Transforming data into value also requires delivering exemplary performance in such critical areas as data governance and data quality management, cyber security and data protection.