Closer to the needs of our partners and their customers 


Created in 1973, Cardif began its international development in 1989. Within ten years, the company had a presence in 20 countries within ten years. Today, we are the world leader in creditor insurance and we enjoy strong positions in protection in 30 countries in Europe, Asia and Latin America.

30 countries
200,000 points of sale throughout the world
500 distribution partners

BNP Paribas Cardif,a worldwide presence



In our domestic markets (France, Italy and Luxembourg), we are among the leaders in savings and we are pursuing robust development of our life insurance business. In addition, we have expanded our range of solutions, in particular with home insurance and car insurance products in France and Italy.

Working with our partners, we design products and services that meet the needs of our customers, integrated with the way people purchase insurance today and continual changes in the market. Our growth model is based on both a retail banking network and high-quality distribution partners.



We are active in four markets in Asia which figure among the largest in the region. We primarily employ a model of joint ventures created through partnerships with major local banks.This strategy allows us to flexibly adapt to the customs and everyday habits of our customers, enabling us to seize the opportunities offered in Asia.

We rank among the leaders in creditor insurance and are constantly strengthening our positions in savings products and protection.



We have been operating in Latin America for over twenty years, particularly in the bancassurance and retail insurance sectors. We currently have more than 200 distribution partners and some 35,000 points of sale.



Gross written premiums in 2023 : €30.3billion.



Gross savings inflows totalled 22.9 billion at 31 december 2023. 

  • Gross savings inflows in France is 14.7 billion euros

  • International savings inflows came to 8.3 billion euros



Gross written premiums in the protection segment were 7.3 billion euros.

  • Gross written premiums in France totalled  1.8 billion euros.

  • In international markets, protection gross written premiums came to 5.5 billion euros.

    • Asia recorded a gross witten premiums of 1.0 billion euros.

    • In Latin America, BNP Paribas Cardif recorded a gross witten premiums of 1.7 billion euros

    • In Europe, the gross witten premiums totalled 2.7 billion euros.


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