Our teams are committed to making insurance more accessible through innovative, efficient and simple solutions. We support them and offer them a professional experience that allows them to find meaning in their actions.


Actuaries, data scientists or project managers, our business draws on a multitude of experts and we leverage their extensive technical know-how in a variety of areas.

A wide range of skills

Our employees work in some 400 different professions around the world, combining in-depth knowledge of their specialities with strong technical and digital expertise.

Data at the heart of our profession

We count teams of data scientists and analytics managers all around the world. These specialists won the Quora Challenge in 2017, competing against more than 3,000 teams of data scientists.


We ensure that all our actions have a positive impact on our employees and on society.

Act for the environment

We combine financial performance with a positive impact on society. BNP Paribas Cardif committed to increasing its impact investments: 1.2 billion euros were already invested in 2020 out of the 5 billion euros in impact investments to be made by the end of 2024 to achieve the target of 11.5 billion euros by this date.

Share our knowledge

We have developed skills sponsorship programmes promoting education, entrepreneurship and solidarity: more than 3,400 people have benefited around the world.

Corporate Social Responsability

Combine financial performance with positive impact on society



Thanks to our collective energy, we are permanently re-thinking our work methods and innovating daily.

The future of work is emerging today


We identify fundamental changes in our professions and support the growth of the company by giving each individual the chance to develop within their field of expertise or to discover other opportunities within BNP Paribas Cardif or elsewhere in the entire BNP Paribas Group.

Ongoing skills development is a strategic priority: 2,000 employees acquired new skills to prepare for the jobs of tomorrow as part of the "Skill up" program.


A bold and creative ecosystem


A key driver in the transformation process, the Cardif Lab supports employees who are leading innovative projects, offering them expertise in the choice of methods and tools. We also work closely with leading-edge partners, such as General Assembly and the DAMI (Data Analytics & Models for Insurance) Chair, to offer training to our employees to prepare for changes in the insurance industry and enriching our expertise in data science.


  • We work in partnership with the École Polytechnique engineering school to train our analytics managers and data scientists.

  • Our employees support more than 2,000 young people with the creation of mini-enterprises through our partnership with the association Entreprendre pour Apprendre en France, part of the Junior Achievement organisation.


As an employer, it is our responsibility to take care of the people whit whom we work.

Improved work-life balance

We strive to help our employees balance their family and professional lives by offering presentations on parenting, or reserving places in day nurseries and emergency childcare facilities

Support the younger generations

Every year in France, 250 young people are hired on internships. We ranking high in the “Happy Trainees” league table of companies with the most positive images among trainees and young people

"One of our first objectives is to remain a good place to work, where everyone feels free to freely express their personalities without constraint, in an atmosphere of goodwill and trust"

Anne du ManoirHead of Human Resources

Our Executive Committee reached parity and our Board of Directors is composed of 8 women and 6 men. In 2021, our Equal pay index (gender equality) in France was 87 points out of 100.

Making our differences our strength

Regardless of the differences between us in background, age, sexual orientation, culture and disability, we hire and support our employees without any distinction. We allow them to express their personalities and potential and we raise awareness among our managers through a series of presentations to promote diversity and to take the fullest advantage of it.