BNP Paribas Cardif continues to evolve in order to be more agile, open and adopt a learning culture. The cardif lab’ helps to intensify this transformation thanks to a comprehensive approach to acceleration focused on new technologies and new uses.

The cardif lab’ opened its doors in 2014 in France. This space devoted to trials of innovations and prototyping new services, helping shape the world of tomorrow, welcomes employees, distribution and technology partners, start-ups and experts.

As a cornerstone of the company's digital transformation, the cardif lab has welcomed 15,000 visitors over five years, enabling them to discover more than 120 innovations, projects, prototypes and start-ups from all around the world.

A space designed to meet new challenges

To continually adapt to the needs of the company in a changing world, the cardif lab’ is now entering a second phase.

Support the transformation of society


To discover the future, identify examples of new uses related to insurance and conduct research and development work. This leads to cultural adaptation, conceptualisation and open innovation.


To shape and construct the innovations of tomorrow. The cardif lab’ experts supports the launching of innovative products while ensuring the technical and economic viability of projects.


Developing knowledge and spreading the culture of innovation and digital solutions across the company. A thousand employees will receive training in the professions of tomorrow by the end of 2022 through a partnership agreement with General Assembly signed in 2018.