April 03, 2017

As a partner of the Innorobo exhibition, BNP Paribas Cardif shares its vision of future insurance transformed by new technologies. Stanislas Chevalet, Deputy Managing Director and Head of the Transformation and Development Department at BNP Paribas Cardif and Catherine Simon, President of Innorobo, give us an update.

What is the relationship between the world of robotics and the insurance sector?

Catherine Simon: Robotics and artificial intelligence are among technologies of general interest that transform society as much as electricity, the car and the Internet have. They will give rise to new uses for which adapted insurance services and products will need to be designed. The probability of driverless cars in city centres within five or ten years, for example, is high. What should be proposed in terms of insurance offer given the responsibility-related issues this will incur? Likewise, with improvements to quality of life, less hospitalisation time and a move to preventative and predictive medicine rather than curative, what does the future herald for health insurance systems? Stanislas Chevalet:We firmly believe that robotics will enable us to enrich the customer experience while continuing to take care of people, our primary role as an insurer. To give a few examples, we will be able to pay compensation faster thanks to greater automation of recurrent tasks, improve customer experiences by using emotionally intelligent robots, help people in vulnerable situations using companion robots and more… Our objective is to better integrate the potential impacts of these technologies which will profoundly change the way insurance is sold and consumed.

Why is BNP Paribas Cardif a partner of Innorobo?

S.C.: We are partnering with the Innorobo event to raise visitors’ awareness to the benefits of new technologies in our profession, offer our partners new and original insurance-related experiences (virtual reality, human-machine interaction, e-health, etc.) and therefore spur thinking on offers and services that we could design with them in the future. A specific programme has been prepared for our partners, including an introduction to robotics, a guided tour of a selection of exhibitors and brainstorming workshops on the impact of robotics on their sectors of activity.

C.S.: As the only insurer present at the exhibition, BNP Paribas Cardif positions itself as a company aware of the revolution taking place through research in robotics. BNP Paribas Cardif will present a few of its innovations at the event, notably a driving simulation application that integrates facial recognition and aims to raise awareness among drivers about good driving practices. What are the benefits of the partnership?

C.S.: To enable companies seemingly far removed from robotics to better understand this domain, exchange with the robotics community and consider the contribution of technologies in the insurance sector to better meet the needs of innovation.

S.C.: To present our different worldwide distributor partners and insured clients with services that have adopted the codes of the new economy: more rapidity, reliability and attention. Using robotics, we want to be closer to our clients to better meet their daily expectations based on uses we will identify on site. This partnership also enables us to exchange with robotics companies which will help us to build the insurance of the future as part of our constantly reasserted approach to open innovation.