March 29, 2022

Actuaries are risk management generalists. They use mathematical techniques (probabilities and statistics) to identify, model and manage the financial consequences of uncertain events (risks). They work in a vast range of fields, from insurance (protection, savings, retirement, asset/liability management) to finance and consulting. 

At BNP Paribas Cardif, actuarial profession is at the heart of our business and plays a role right up to the Executive Committee where several members are actuaries, starting with Pauline Leclerc-Glorieux, Chief Executive Officer. In total, 600 actuaries in more than 30 countries in Europe, Asia and Latin America work in different strategic areas: 

•    Pricing
•    Risk monitoring
•    Business and products innovation
•    Actuarial modelling  
•    Data science 
•    Accounting or regulatory standards/processes (e.g. IFRS171 or Solvency II) 
•    Risk Management (e.g. ORSA2)

At the heart of the company's strategy and development, our actuaries are regularly in contact with senior management as well as cross-departmental professions. They need deductive skills and an ability to communicate and make complex subjects easy to understand, in order to allow all stakeholders to work together. In addition to collaborating with the various internal teams, actuaries are also required to work in a varied external ecosystem: reinsurers, brokers, distribution partners, professional organisations, members of ACPR3 as well as other entities of the BNP Paribas Group. They therefore interact with numerous different departments, requiring a range of different profiles and disciplines.


Varied career paths supported by mobility

With more than 400 different professions within the company, our actuaries can work for different departments: actuarial, finance, risk, analytics, asset management etc. which offers a large number of opportunities to work in different fields and an extremely fulfilling career path. To support them in their career development, we offer them, for example, the opportunity to take part in various events, including "Actuary Day", which is a specific event to promote their mobility. Thanks to exchanges and interactions with different business lines, our employees have the opportunity to plan their professional future and better understand the job opportunities available in France and internationally. Every year in France, around thirty actuaries are able to move internally, across all areas of the business. 

For those that want to discover other cultures and ways of working as actuaries, they have opportunities available in around thirty different countries in South America, Europe and Asia. This mobility can also be possible between different countries. We also offer our young employees the chance to boost their careers through VIEs. This helps to make diversity and multiculturalism a reality!


An international community

With 600 actuaries spread throughout the world, encouraging sharing and promoting interaction is essential. Every month, we offer all our actuaries the opportunity to discuss the key issues of their profession. Quarterly meetings are also organised between the various Actuarial and Finance managers in our countries and head office. 

In 2019, we also delivered "Actuaries Got Talent!", a week-long training programme dedicated to high-potential profiles, bringing together various employees from around the world. 


The future of work: An open ecosystem for the actuaries of tomorrow

With the fourth industrial revolution, professions need to adapt, and so do the actuaries. To do this, in partnership with General Assembly a pioneer in the field of education and career development, we have committed to training our employees on UX design, product management and data science. We offer our actuaries the opportunity to develop their current skills (upskill) or to learn new ones (reskill). 

We also support our actuaries by financing specific continuous development courses for them. Enterprise Risk Management, Certificate of Actuarial Expertise, Analytics etc. to support them in developing their knowledge and profession. 


In summary, at BNP Paribas Cardif, actuaries are at the heart of transformation, and transformation is at the heart of their business. It’s a job with numerous prospects, encounters and opportunities, where everyone can build the career path that suits them, according to their expertise and appetites! 



1IFRS17: International Financial Reporting Standards 
International accounting standard dedicated to insurance policies. 

2ORSA: Own Risk and Solvency Assessment 
A decision-making and analysis tool to evaluate the credit-worthiness of an insurer.

3ACPR: Autorité de Contrôle Prudentiel et de Résolution ( French Prudential Supervision and Resolution Authority)
The French banking and insurance supervisory authority.