July 18, 2023

Every two years, BNP Paribas Cardif and a number of its international entities conduct a survey of their partners. The survey covers four main themes relating to the services and solutions provided, and gives us a better understanding of our partners’ needs and levels of satisfaction:

•    Partner relations
•    Operational efficiency
•    Customer experience
•    Digital transformation

“Listening to our partners and measuring their levels of satisfaction is crucial for us. Our aim with this survey is to foster stable and long-lasting partnerships that benefit both our partners and our company. It helps us to better understand their needs and those of their customers, so that our response meets their expectations as closely as possible.”
Chris Murphy, Head of partnership management


We have around 500 distribution partners over 3 continents (Asia, Europe and Latam) giving us an in-depth, intimate understanding of the daily needs of our partners and policyholders. As an expert of insurance products, our partnership approach enables pooling of expertise and co-creation of innovative and relevant solutions for policyholders.

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