October 29, 2021

Money20/20 is the World’s largest and most important fintech conference of the year.

7,500 attendees among the most influential executives in financial innovations are gathered in Las Vegas between 24-27 October 2021.

BNP Paribas is the only French and one of the only European financial institutions invited to speak at the event with BNP Paribas Cardif’s correspondent of BNP Paribas C.Lab Americas sharing how “the bank for a changing world” uses fintech to empower its clients to drive positive impact for the planet with sustainable finance.


Sustainable finance, the hot topic for the fintech of the next decade


Created almost a decade ago, Money20/20 is back live and in person for the first time since 2019 and is now looking at the next decade. Sustainable finance - the use of financial services to serve positive social and environmental impact-, is one of the major topics at the conference. 

The new SVP at Money2020, Scarlett Sieber said in the opening session that “financial inclusion” is the main concept that will be across the show this year”

Magic Johnson, the guest star of the opening session interviewed about his business investments said “I believe that you can do well and do good at the same time”...and Americans believe it too! 85% of Americans and even 95% of Millennials are interested in sustainable investing, and almost nine in 10 believe that “it is possible to balance financial gains with a focus on social and environmental impact,” according to a Morgan Stanley survey.

In this image: Scarlett Sieber, SVP at Money2020, Earvin “Magic” Johnson, CEO of Magic Johnson enterprises at Money2020Légende

In the last three years, the sustainably invested assets under management in the U.S., both institutional and retail, grew 42%, to $17.1 trillion, up from $12 trillion, which represents 33% of total U.S. assets under management according to the Forum for Sustainable and Responsible Investment’s 2020 trends report.

Indeed, many fintech startups at Money2020 are on this trend of sustainable finance.

In this image: Joe Bayen, CEO of Grow Credit, and Kristy Kim, CEO of TomoCredit, two financial inclusion startups on the main stage of Money2020Légende


Financial inclusion is one of the main challenges that Money2020 pitching fintech like TomoCredit, Propel, Grow Credit, Nova Credit, Zogo, FloatMe are solving. 

Arnaud Auger, Deputy Head of BNP Paribas C.Lab Americas, has been invited to talk at Money2020 about how BNP Paribas, awarded World’s best bank for sustainable finance by the 2021 Euromoney Global Awards, uses fintech such as Doconomy, Greenly, ClimateSeed, or Metron to empower its retail and commercial clients also to be part of the efforts to preserve the planet by tracking, reducing and offsetting their carbon emissions.