December 30, 2021

On 2 and 3 December, the Hello Tomorrow Global Summit was held in Paris, an iconic meeting for the Deep Tech community. 
Industry leaders, startups, investors, researchers, media, incubators and accelerators came together for discussions to promote the transformation of disruptive technologies into solutions for a more sustainable world. The central themes of this 5th edition ranged from mobility and health, to food systems, energy, industry and materials.

On the hunt for projects with a major lasting impact, Hello Tomorrow drives and facilitates collaborations between stakeholders in the sector. For BNP Paribas Cardif, this partnership was the opportunity to present to its partner guests how BNP Paribas Cardif is working daily with startups and stakeholders in this open innovation ecosystem.

Deep tech: Transcending technological barriers to lastingly transform our ways of life.

The term “Deep tech” refers to businesses offering products or services based on disruptive innovations, across all sectors of activity.

Three main criteria distinguish a deep tech startup from another company:

  • it offers a product that provides high added value to its market,
  • it uses disruptive technology often protected by intellectual property,
  • its development goes hand-in-hand with research. 

Pitch and immersive experience    

As a “tech-driven company”, BNP Paribas Cardif took advantage of the event to reaffirm its responsible insurer approach, showcase the brand, create interactions with startups and share opportunities to collaborate.

Life Plus, a medtech that offers a solution to prevent vulnerability in seniors, attended the event. Nicolas Chiquet, CEO of Life Plus, pitched on the BNP Paribas stage presenting their remote medical monitoring solution relying on connected medical devices to prevent and detect falls.

The Cardif Lab’ teams presented “La Vitre” to visitors, connecting with the BNP Paribas innovation centres (Bivwak!, Station France, Cardif Lab’, C.Lab Americas) to give them an immersive experience thanks to the open innovation ecosystem.

Visitors were also able to attend the “Tips for startups working closer with large enterprises” presentation by Goh Hirose (DTD Acceleration & Digital) and Costanza Carissimo from Cathay Innovation on the BNP Paribas stage.

7th edition of the international deep tech startup competition

Renaud Dumora, Deputy Chief Executive Officer of BNP Paribas presented the “Global Challenge Grand Prize” at the 7th edition of the Deep Tech startup competition. This world-renowned competition was created to uncover “gems” in the startup phase developing cutting-edge and “deep” technologies with a positive impact.
This year, the trophy was awarded to the Danish startup Atlant3D Nanosystems for the development of a 3D printing technology on a nanometric scale.

Discover Renaud Dumora's LinkedIn column awarding the BNP Paribas Global Challenge prize to the Danish startup: ATLANT 3D.