February 06, 2020

At BNP Paribas Cardif, innovation is (also) working for inclusion. It was therefore natural for us to support the Tangata initiative, a solidarity initiative created by Emmanuelle Fenard, Head of Marketing at BNP Paribas Cardif France.

“Making insurance accessible to the largest possible number of people”, our company is committed to having a positive impact on society with this ambitious mission. An inclusive policy has therefore been implemented for vulnerable members of society, notably the 20 million people affected by disability in France. Our initiative is not limited to advancing the employment and professional integration of these women and men. It goes far beyond that, as evidenced by our “Act For Impact” social entrepreneur label, our partnership with the Handi Tech Trophy, which rewards the inventors of inclusive technologies, and the work we do with the association e-Nable for supporting families of children affected by agenesis*.

Leisure for all

To move further towards more inclusion, we also rely on the capacity for innovation of our employees, by encouraging and supporting their initiatives through an intrapreneurship program. This is how the Tangata project was born. The ambition of Emmanuelle Fenard, who designed it, was to accelerate the development of leisure activities accessible to all types of disabilities. Her solution? Creating a site to connect all the people concerned, their caregivers, and all the actors who respond to their needs: associations, companies, start-ups, etc. Tangata acts as a visibility lever for these organisations. The platform helps them deploy their offerings by increasing their awareness and giving them access to a network of partners, while guaranteeing the quality of services through the “Act for Impact” label. And, as it has been designed for them and is easy to use, the site allows people with disabilities to come out of their isolation and organise their leisure activities quickly and easily. Let’s take an example In just a few clicks, users can locate an activity, check its accessibility with respect to their needs, and consult the opinions of the Tangata community!

*born with one or more limb abnormalities.

“I’ve been involved personally for a long time in initiatives relating to the social and solidarity sector. I’m proud to take it further today with my Tangata project.”Emmanuelle Fenard, head of marketing at BNP Paribas Cardif France