December 12, 2016

Guillaume Grandjean, Customer Experience Champion in the Customer Marketing France Department at BNP Paribas Cardif and coordinator of COCLICO, tells us more about this very special and dynamic community that recently celebrated its second birthday.

What is COCLICO and how did the project come about?

COCLICO stands for the BNP Paribas Cardif COmmunauté des CLIents COllaborateurs (community of staff customers). It's an internal community of staff members devoted to delivering customer satisfaction. It now has 350 members from a broad range of different departments, including Marketing, Quality, Sales and Operations.

The community was born out of a simple observation: our staff members are primarily consumers. So they have positive and negative experiences as customers every day. It therefore seemed logical to give these staff members the opportunity to use this experience for the benefit of the company as part of our commitment to continuous improvement.

So what is the goal of this community of staff customers?

In recent years, companies have grasped the importance of putting what customers say at the center of their concerns. At BNP Paribas Cardif, we want to go further still by giving our staff a voice as well. So gathering their experiences, opinions and ideas allows us to design or perfect products and services for our customers.

There are currently 13 voluntary coordinators like me who give up a little of their time for COCLICO. All the members of the community are also volunteers committed to taking part in the life of the community as and when they're available.

How can the community be contacted?

The coordinators are contacted regularly by members of staff from different departments that have already identified a problem. The challenge lies in seeing how the community can respond effectively by conducting a survey, forming a working group or running a beta test phase, etc.The needs are as varied as the people submitting the requests, and can range from considerations around the creation of a new insurance product to testing a mobile app or a new customer service.

We've been approached in this way around 40 times since 2014, and the community has responded to all these internal issues.

How have the outcomes generated by the community been applied practically? Have any of the requests you've received resulted in the ability to change or improve a product or service?

The community has contributed to improving some products and services, including J’assure ! Ou pas. That involves the use of a 10-question analysis to determine your policyholder profile, and provide a range of different information about the insurances held by people with similar profiles to our own.

In practical terms, we have approached the members as part of the design process for this website, and their many contributions - around a hundred actually - have enhanced the website in many ways, but especially in terms of its user interface and design.

J’assure ! Ou pas can be found in the Insurance section of

The community is also approached on a regular basis as part of BNP Paribas Cardif insurance product creation or modification, and in a general sense to help improve customer communication, such as letters and complaints, for example.

Final word:

There are many examples of successful project outcomes, and the community is growing rapidly. We are convinced that the results achieved by the staff members of COCLICO working together represent tangible added value and are effective in serving the interests of our customers.