June 24, 2021

Habitat et Humanisme Ile-de-France and BNP Paribas Cardif have signed an agreement to allocate 32 housing units from the insurer’s real estate portfolio in Paris for six years in order to provide affordable housing for people in vulnerable situations. This partnership is part of an initiative called “Louez solidaire et sans risque®” (Risk-free rental with social purpose), designed to increase access to privately-owned housing thanks to rental by certified intermediaries. 

BNP Paribas Cardif immediately agreed when contacted by Habitat et Humanisme Ile-de-France, a participant in the City of Paris “Louez Solidaire et sans risque®” program to provide risk-free rental of private housing units at affordable costs for tenants. The City of Paris was actively seeking housing for Parisians with modest income, offering a range of guarantees (payment of rent and fees, repairs in the event of property damage and rental management by certified organizations). 

The housing units allocated by BNP Paribas Cardif are rented by Habitat et Humanisme Ile-de-France for a six-year period. As part of its rental intermediation and social support activities, the association provides these housing units on a temporary basis for families in need until they can find long-term housing solutions.  

Habitat et Humanisme has worked with the BNP Paribas Group for many years, notably on socially responsible investment products. BNP Paribas Cardif thus naturally reached out to Habitat et Humanisme Ile-de-France to participate in an initiative with very tangible positive impact.

Initial occupants moved to their new homes in early May. They are receiving support from Solidarité Habitat, a socially-responsible real estate agency run by Habitat et Humanisme Ile-de-France. The agency differs from conventional real estate agencies in the way it aligns rental practices to ensure respect for the rights and responsibilities of both tenants and property owners, ensuring both good management of the rental property and protection against rental risks for owners. It handles issues related to the housing itself – administrative procedures, difficulties in meeting rent payments, etc. – as well as problems with neighbours or technical and financial problems. 

Strong commitment and day-to-day support 


Habitat et Humanisme Ile-de-France is committed to keeping rental costs aligned with the ceiling on intermediate-level rents set by ANAH, the French national housing agency, as well as in the range applicable by the “Louez solidaire et sans risque®” program.

Throughout the duration of the lease, Habitat et Humanisme also provides personalized support for tenants thanks to support from professionals and volunteers. The objective is to help people move forward in their social integration and in finding stable long-term housing solutions. 

Habitat et Humanisme Ile-de-France promotes inclusive cities open to everyone and works to find quality housing in areas where a shortage of residential housing results in high rental costs.

“This is not about finding emergency housing, but rather housing adapted to the needs of people facing difficulties. We select the beneficiaries through a housing allocation committee. During a one-month observation period we assess the plan people propose in order to move forward on their path to regaining autonomy,” explains Christelle Parneix, Deputy Managing Director of Habitat et Humanisme Ile-de-France.

“We have a responsibility to manage the assets of policyholders while giving real meaning to their investments. To do this we invest in very tangible projects such as intermediate housing, enabling people to find housing at affordable prices. We are proud to partner with Habitat & Humanisme and contribute to yet another initiative that has positive direct impact on society,” says Nathalie Robin, BNP Paribas Cardif Real Estate Director.

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