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BNP Paribas Cardif has been driving an ongoing transformation in recent years, striving  to be more agile, open and adopt a learning culture. The cardif lab’ helps to speed up this  transformation thanks to a comprehensive approach to acceleration focused on new technologies and new uses.

Cardif lab’ opened its doors in 2014 in France, welcoming employees, distribution and technology partners, start-ups and experts to a space devoted to trials of innovations and prototyping new services, helping shape the world of tomorrow.

As a cornerstone of the company's digital transformation, the cardif lab has welcomed 15,000 visitors over five years, enabling them to discover more than 120 innovations, projects, prototypes and start-ups from all around the world. Among its most striking achievements:


A space designed to meet new challenges

To continually adapt to the needs of the company in a changing world, the cardif lab’ is now entering a second phase.

·         A space where ethics are challenged to ensure greater respect thanks to a better understanding of the fundamental challenges linked to new technologies today.

·         A space for joint creation, brainstorming and implementing ideas, where ideas are transformed into pilot projects aligned with business needs.

·         A space focused on a rich ecosystem beyond its walls, especially thanks to a broader international presence.

·         A space that encourages new experiences, where people can project themselves into the world of tomorrow.


Support the transformation of society

·         Explore: To discover the future, identify examples of new uses related to insurance and conduct research and development work. This leads to cultural adaptation, conceptualization and open innovation.

·         Make: To shape and construct the innovations of tomorrow. The cardif lab’ comprises experts who apply agile methodologies designed to support rapid production of a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) and thus confirm the technical and economic viability of projects.

·         Grow: Sharing knowledge and spreading the culture of innovation and digital solutions across the company. A thousand employees will receive training in the professions of tomorrow by the end of 2022 through a partnership agreement with General Assembly signed in 2018.


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