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Evolution of our main indicators

Gross written premiums for 2014 were up 8.5% to 27.5 billion euros

This sustained growth was due to the significant contribution from the Savings business in domestic markets (France, Italy, Luxembourg) and strong growth in Protection insurance in Chile and Brazil. 


Business diversification

It continued, with a 31% share of reserve in unit-linked funds and a breakdown in Protection gross written premiums of 63% for creditor insurance and 37% for other types of cover, with an increased share from property and casualty (12%). 


At 31 December 2014, assets under management totalled 202 billion euros (+14%). 

Assets under management have tripled in ten years, reflecting the high level of asset inflows worldwide and robust asset management performance. 


Net Banking Income (NBI)was 2.2 billion euros, a rise of 2%


In reflects the ongoing increase in Protection gross written premiums in Latin America, growth in Savings outstandings – fuelled by a rise in total inflows – and good performance in financial markets in 2014.


Gross Operating Income (GOI) was 1.1 billion euros, an increase of 4% 


It reflects the company's operating performance as revenues rose while costs continued to be efficiently managed. 


Pre-tax net profit was up 5% to 1.2 billion euros, confirming the solidity of the company.