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“Protecting people in a society where usage and immediacy are the priority”

STANISLAS CHEVALET, Chief Operating Officer, Transformation and Development.

Six trends will reshape the future of insurance:

1. "Commoditization"

Regulatory pressures to better protect consumers' interests have led to a necessary clarification of insurance. This will in turn create pressure on sales prices and thus the cost structures of current insurance providers.


2. "Yieldization"

The profusion of information and the collective and individual comparison tools available to providers creates expectations for real-time, personalized insurance rate offers.


3. "Retailization"

Consumers have virtually instant access to information, both raw and pre-processed. This has transformed insurance from a complex technical product to a consumer product.


4. "Robotization"

The ability of machines to learn from experimentation opens the path to a "robotization" of insurance. This will align lower costs and customer satisfaction.


5. "Standardization"

The rapid development of mobile devices and connected objects has standardized consumer behaviour in different countries, and thus standardizes insurance as well.


6. "Servicization"

Consumers want the product they purchase to offer a tangible, effective and immediate service, without constraints. This means we need to rethink our solutions, transitioning to service-driven insurance.


These increasingly pronounced trends mean that we must put people at the centre of our business model, focusing our efforts on our employees, our customers and the environment.

Our role is to care for people in a society where the emphasis is on usage and immediacy.


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