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What makes us different is a business model based on partnerships, entrepreneurial spirit and expertise.

As the insurance subsidiary of BNP Paribas, BNP Paribas Cardif aims at being the global benchmark for insurance partnerships and the leading provider of personal insurance solutions.


We co-create savings and investment solutions with distribution partners who market these products to the end customer.
Our distinctive model is based on transparency and a clear win-win relationship with partners in a wide range of industries: banking, retailing, automakers, telecoms companies and other sectors.
Sharing insights and reciprocal knowledge are what make the difference between a partner and simply a supplier.


Our growth is supported by the regular addition of new distribution partners, launches in new markets and product innovation.
Equally important, our collective energy pushes us to continually challenge the way we do things.
Working with startups and experts, drawing inspiration from disruptive technologies, we keep building the insurance of tomorrow.


Our people have extensive know-how and experience that creates tangible added value for marketing, actuarial analysis and data management.
We have in-depth understanding of our partner distributors and their industries, allowing us to optimize their insurance offering and the experience they deliver for their customers.
Detailed knowledge of our partners also lets us provide support for their sales organizations and management of their networks.