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“We opted for diversification and selectivity in our investment strategy”

Olivier Héreil, Chief Operating Officer, Head of Asset Management

Good financial management performance

In 2014, the yield from our asset management activities was 4.18% in France and 3.86% in Italy. These results were achieved in the context of low interest rates, posing a real challenge since we have considerable amounts to invest, approximately 200 billion euros in assets under management in 2014. We diversified our investments in markets that offered a higher yield than government  instruments. In addition to diversifying our investments, we are also extremely selective. For example, in the equity market BNP Paribas Cardif has a portfolio designed to support the growth of unlisted midcap enterprises.

Eurocroissance funds, a major innovation

Eurocroissance funds were introduced in fall 2014, confirming a fundamental innovation by BNP Paribas Cardif, which did not wait for the official regulatory approval, since we were among the first to propose "euro-growth" diversified funds with an equivalent mechanism back in 2010. This anticipation gave us a lead over competitors with a new and highly innovative offer that complements our existing range. This offer gives fund managers more freedom to diversify asset allocations. With "eurocroissance" funds, the capital is 100% guaranteed, with higher potential gains than a euro fund for a given term, the date chosen by the policyholder. This is a very significant innovation that is very attractive for our customers.


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