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"You still need a good dose of creativity to transform an innovation into a successful new insurance offer"

Olivier Cort├Ęs, Chief Operating Officer, Efficiency, Technology & Operations


Managing costs and optimizing service

Digitization and increasing data volume make our IT operations efficiency essential. We are particularly focused on it and deploy all our forces to meet this requirement as IT operations are central elements of our performance. In addition to that, our distributors and their clients are expecting an increased accessibility, automation and efficiency to reduce the costs.

Innovating to adapt to changes

Connected objects, for example, now let people track a variety of health and fitness indicators. It's essential that BNP Paribas Cardif test these innovations so that when the time is right, we're able to turn them into insurance solutions that integrate these new tools. Then you need to be inventive to conceive these new offers, taking into account the notion of prevention, which has significant potential to reduce rates for policyholders.


From utility to a service culture

Adopting a distinctive service culture throughout the company helps us work better together, for example by taking into account customer satisfaction indicators that are dynamically managed by each country. In our industry, differentiation flows from our ability to deliver a human touch in serving our partners and their customers.


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