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"Consumers want greater value from what they buy"


Nicolas Bordas, Vice-President of TBWA Europe


Experience counts

Consumers are better informed and want greater value from the things and services they purchase.  This is why brands must guarantee a quality experience at every moment and at all their touchpoints. Consumers want to engage with businesses, from the design of a product to after-sales service. They expect greater transparency, more personalization and rapid responsiveness.


Create confidence and re-enchant

More than ever, brands embody confidence, and their primary vocation is to guarantee the quality and origin of their products. But they must also re-enchant consumers by proposing meaning and a shared culture, and by sparking fresh desire through innovation and communication.


Insurance has a role to play

Insurers of property and people have an opportunity to become insurers of life experiences. As a consumer, I want my movements to be insured regardless of the means – bicycle, car sharing, etc. – and not just my own vehicle. What's more, digital measurement capabilities and the advent of huge numbers of connected objects open the door to radically new solutions. These solutions will focus more on prevention and custom-tailored insurance cover that's tailored to the measurable behaviour of each policyholder.


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