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"Our distributors entrust us with their most valuable asset: the relationship with their customers"

Jean-Bertrand Laroche, Chief Operating Officer, International Markets

A relationship with distributors anchored in confidence

Our relationship with our distributors is based on confidence. They give us access to their distribution network and share their strategy. They entrust us with the relationship with their customers, their most valuable asset. And that's why BNP Paribas Cardif makes sure we understand each different model in order to co-construct insurance solutions aligned with the fundamental needs of their customers.


Innovating in three dimensions

To continue to co-create solutions with our distributors we focus on three priorities: driving product innovation, deploying an efficient distribution model and delivering a positive customer experience. That is how we create long-term value for our partners.



Robust international development

We continued to expand in Europe in 2014, and at the same time achieved exceptional performance in Latin America and very sustained business levels in Asia. The finalization of our joint venture in China with Bank of Beijing gives BNP Paribas Cardif a solid foothold in the country. In France, the acquisition of Icare, a specialist in extended warranty auto insurance, will let us better serve the auto industry on an international scale. And in Chile and Colombia, the success of our car insurance solutions has consolidated our relationships with banks and major retail chains.


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