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Employment and integration of disabled persons

As part of its policy of promoting Diversity and Inclusion, BNP Paribas Cardif works in a number of different ways to develop employment opportunities and improve workplace inclusion for disabled people.



BNP Paribas Cardif hires and supports disabled staff members in a number of different company departments and central services functions. A series of specific measures are in place to ensure that disabled staff members are fully integrated into company life:

  • the appointment of an 'induction tutor' from day one
  • the preparation of an induction assessment to evaluate the working environment of the new member of staff (welcome, comfort, accessibility, workstation layout, etc.)
  • checking that there is easy access to all shared company facilities (access to buildings, elevators, bathrooms, company restaurant, etc.)
  • providing special training for recruitment staff, managers and the team in which the new member of staff will work
  • providing appropriate medical cover



As part of the sustainable inclusion and retention of disabled staff members, the company puts in place all the dedicated resources needed to improve working conditions, such as:

  • making adjustments to working hours
  • therapeutic part-time working
  • support with teleworking
  • workstation adaptations
  • special leave of absence for administrative or medical reasons  


Drawing on the sheltered employment sector

BNP Paribas Cardif has partnerships in place with the sheltered employment sector to develop job opportunities in disability-related business sectors. Disabled people represent more than 80% of the workforce in these companies.



Information and awareness

Every year, BNP Paribas Cardif provides its staff with information designed to raise their awareness of disability issues. Since 2008, many initiatives have been introduced within the company to change the way in which disability is represented. The latest is a cooperative partnership with the non-profit e-Nable. Under this partnership, workshop sessions have been held to enable staff members to produce artificial hands 3D-printed in the Cardif Lab' for children with agenesis.

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