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"Collective intelligence is gaining momentum"


Cynthia Fleury, philosopher


Intelligence in numbers

In the 21st century, collective intelligence is valued more than ever. From participative democracy to social networks, interactivity is enriched by larger numbers of contributors. The more data we have, the more precise our perceptions, profiles and recommendations.


Companies become more intelligent by working together

Europe is leading the way in open innovation, ahead of the United States and China. France is launching more and more fab labs, open to everyone eager to co-design the products of tomorrow, leveraging 3D and digital processes. Participative initiatives are ubiquitous, from production to consumption. Consumers finish the car they buy, challenging the business model behind automobile manufacturing. Collective intelligence is not just some magnificent utopia, it's also a way to adjust costs.


Regained appetite for insurance

Modern societies are very sensitive to the notion of risk and insecurity, and have been destabilized by globalization. Individuals want to insure their possessions, which is a conservative reflex. But insurance also lets us look to the future. People get insurance because they are investing and taking risks. Insurance companies can benefit from re-appropriating this need to imagine the future and make plans.


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