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Personal accident insurance: new guarantees to ensure peace of mind

16 February 2018

One in six people in France suffers an accidental injury each year during their daily activities


After raising awareness among consumers of the importance of personal protection insurance thanks to an educational online simulator called Ma Découverte Prévoyance, BNP Paribas Cardif, the insurance subsidiary of BNP Paribas, has teamed with BNP Paribas French Retail Banking to offer extended personal accident cover for all types of accidents. This personal protection policy provides financial benefits for policyholders and their families in the event of an accident resulting in immobilization, disability or death. It also proposes personalized assistance services.  


Personal protection policy for everyone, anywhere in the world, for any type of accident


Committed to continually better satisfying the needs of its clients, BNP Paribas Cardif and BNP Paribas French Retail Banking have enriched the “Protection Accidents de la Vie” personal protection policy:


  • All types of accidents[1] are now covered in France and other countries: Traffic accidents are covered by the policy, along with domestic accidents, accidents suffered during sports or leisure activities, school accidents, medical accidents, workplace accidents, injuries suffered during an assault, terrorist attack or natural disaster, etc. Thanks to these extended guarantees, policyholders no longer need to worry about whether they and their families are covered.


  • Innovative immobilization cover: In the event of an accident, policyholders are covered even if they are required to remain immobilized at home. The “Protection Accidents de la Vie” policy also covers hospitalization, immobilization in a rest or convalescent care facility or a functional physical therapy centre. By providing benefits of 40 euros/day for up to 60 days for policyholders, whether they are employed or not, the policy covers additional expenses related to accidents (private hospital room, television, non-medical transport, child care, etc.).


  • Benefits paid from first permanent disability thresholds[2]. Furthermore, benefit amounts are defined beforehand and do not depend on amounts paid by the French national health insurance programme. For the highest disability levels, the benefit amount can reach 500,000 euros.


  • New personalized assistance services:  In the event of immobilization, expert advisors proactively contact policyholders as soon as the claim is submitted to determine the best services adapted to the situation. The goal is to improve the policyholder’s daily quality of life thanks to a range of personalized assistance services up to a maximum amount of 1,000 euros. These include home aid, travel for a family member or friend to the policyholder’s home, child and pet care, grocery delivery and other services. In the event of disability, policyholders may receive treatment from an occupational therapist or psychologist, or assistance to facilitate their return to work. The extensive coverage of the policy also includes   medical repatriation worldwide for policyholders and their family if they are travelling when the accident occurs.


  • Streamlined processing of claims: In the event of an accident only a single claim is required to simplify and accelerate the payment of benefits and the provision of assistance services.


This new personal accident policy does not require any medical formalities and provides immediate cover right from the policy subscription. A single policy covers the entire family everywhere in the world at competitive rates. The policy is marketed by BNP Paribas retail branches in France and is also available via the BNP Paribas website.


Personal accident coverage is important for everyone


Regardless of their age, health or lifestyle, everyone could one day see their life altered by an accident. Everyday accidents affect 11 million people[3] annually in France, representing one in six people.


An accident can have serious physical and psychological consequences – inability to work, immobilization, disability, death – and destabilizes day-to-day life. The French healthcare system and supplemental health insurance plans often only partially cover the expenses resulting from an accident. The new “Protection Accidents de la Vie” insurance thus allows policyholders to cover these often significant unexpected expenses. 

 “Although many people in France think about saving, few of them take out an accident insurance policy. And yet accidents are by definition unforeseeable and thus concern everyone. With this “Protection Accidents de la Vie” personal accident insurance we’re aligning our offer with changes in society by covering all types of accidents, enabling our clients to protect those dear to them,” says Benoît Gommard, Head of Major Distribution Networks at BNP Paribas Cardif France.


Because protecting their family against unexpected events is essential for our clients we want them to be covered against all types of accidents, anywhere in the world, and benefit from rapid procedures and processing should they suffer an accident. This protection brings them peace of mind and lets them enjoy their lives without worrying,” adds Frédérique Rabier-Aliôme, Retail Director for BNP Paribas French Retail Banking.


[1] Standard exclusions apply: aerial sports, professional or extreme sports, etc. (details are found in the general terms and conditions of the polcy)

[2] For permanent disability equal to or greater than 10%

[3] INPES 2016 health survey