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Take an optimist look at the future

We are there to help you realize your current or long term future projects, so that you can take an optimist look at the future.
We thus offer to you a wide range of saving and retirement solutions.
Savings: if you want to spare money for future plans (like your children education), grow your capital or transmit it to your heir(s), we have appropriate solutions that meet both your needs and risk profile. 
Indeed, you can choose to invest within our euro-denominated fund or a large choice of investment vehicles of all assets classes, within traditional Multi-vehicles contracts or our diversified ones, at the cutting edge of insurance. 
Retirement: our Life-insurance and capitalization contracts allow you to prepare in a serene way. Besides, we also propose a diversified life-insurance contract fully dedicated to that very purpose: BNP Paribas Cardif Future Retirement.
Mixed contracts: you can constitute with them a capital over time, while benefiting from a protection against unexpected events.