Omni-channel: driving an integrated, streamlined customer experience

Omni-channel: driving an integrated, streamlined customer experience

From multi-channel to omni-channel


"Multi-channel is no longer enough today: we now have to move into omni-channel!" declares Jean-Noël Troubat, Chief Omni-Channel Distribution Officer at BNP Paribas Cardif.

Though only subtly different, omni-channel requires more than a presence on multiple channels. It means focusing first and foremost on enhancing the customer experience and perception. "Omni-channel lets customers know that no matter what channel they use to contact a business or the business uses to contact them, they will receive the same service quality as well as streamlined support. For example, consider a prospect calling one of our partner distributors about the prices of different insurance contracts. After the call, the prospect can take some time to think it over, and he or she can then find the partially completed form online to finish and submit it", explains Jean-Noël Troubat.


Supporting omni-channel all around the world


Every day, our goal is to support the integration of these customer relations systems throughout the 36 countries in which BNP Paribas Cardif is present. To meet this challenge, we can count on the coordination and support of a global community of more than 600 partner experts. Their aim is to ensure an efficient omni-channel experience for BNP Paribas Cardif's partner distributors, enabling them to offer their customers transparent access to streamlined services: In stores, over the phone, online and on mobile devices.

Our expertise consists in supplying our distributors with an insurance experience that blends seamlessly with the dominant customer paths in their industry.



Know more about the customer


Taking an omni-channel approach means placing the customer at the center of all product and service reflection. In this effort, detailed knowledge of customer uses and practices is crucial.

"We are working to develop the sales models of tomorrow. Not all channels are right for every product or service. In cases where customers want more autonomy, they use the web or a mobile app; when they need assistance or advice, they go to the store or call. We have to be agile; we have to be there when and where customers need us", tells Jean-Noël Troubat.


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